Glitch Chat Demo
Posted September 16, 2023 Authored by greenturtle537

Ahoy all. Today is the day that I unveil the official release of Glitch Chat. Previously, I announced the upcoming demo of the project, but at its current stage, I'm conflicted on whether or not to call it that anymore. As a system, it works on all of the premises that I had planned for it and I don't intend to change its core structure anytime soon. However, I also don't plan on releasing a dedicated client, and the one I built for testing is pretty bug-riddled right now. I'll be working on a tailored client for the CubeChess project I've been collaborating with expiredbanana on in a few days, so I won't have the time to focus on the actual "chat" client. In conclusion, the GlitchChat protocol is currently in its experimental beta with a number of features headed down the pipe, while the GlitchChat TUI client is still in its demo, and it currently accepting community contributions while I focus on other projects. If you want to try out the client or take a look at either project, you can find them on github.