Crazy Stairs RPG Encore
Posted August 30, 2023 Authored by greenturtle537

Only 3 days ago did big news hit the indie game world. The smash hit indie project "Crazy Stairs RPG" is finally getting a long awaited sequel. The developer has been teasing us about new features and a whole new story after he announced that he would be closing development on the original game in spring. We just confirmed with him today that we are go to bring Crazy Stairs RPG: Encore to Glitch Technologies Games. After speaking with him, he admits that he has already identified a number of bugs in his new game and his old game, so we are expecting patches to be released for both in the following weeks. I'll be uploading Encore right after this post, so you can head to the game archive or his itch page to try it out. In other news, we have verified the existence of a third project, which we are calling "Dragon Isle", featuring the custom cast of CSRPG in the world they really hail from. Nothing more to say about the game at this time, but we are negotiating to release some concept art. Also, if you are still reading, you are probably one of our members who noticed the new page for a project by the name of csmmorpg. I was just messing around with servers and it will probably never be worked on again. You might be able to find it on my github, but I forget.